How to Remove a Jammed Nail in a Paslode Finish Nailer

Paslode manufactures nail guns to allow you to finish carpentry jobs quickly and easy. The most common nail gun used is the finish nailer, which allows you to shoot finish nails quickly and efficiently on all fine carpentry jobs. A common problem with all finish nailers is that nails can become jammed. Knowing how to properly remove the jammed nail will help you get the nail gun back in working condition quickly.

Step 1

Remove the fuel from your Paslode finish nailer. If your nail gun uses a fuel tank, remove the fuel tank. If your nail gun is battery-powered, remove the battery. If your nail gun is powered by an air compressor, detach the air compressor hose from the nail gun.

Step 2

Remove the two hex screws on each side of the work contact of the nail gun, using a 5/32-inch hex key. The work contact of the nailer is the tip of the gun where the nails shoot from.

Step 3

Grab the work contact with one hand and the magazine with the other hand and pull the two away from each other. This will expose the jammed nail.

Step 4

Remove the jammed nail, which should fall out once the work contact and the magazine are separated. If the jammed nail does not fall out, use the needle-nose pliers to pull it out.

Step 5

Close the magazine and replace the hex screws. As applicable, reinsert the fuel tank or the battery, or reattach the air compressor hose.