How to Change the Blade on a Ryobi Scroll Saw

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The Ryobi Scrolll Saw can be used on a wide range of materials. It's variable speed settings along with its cast-iron base allows for an almost vibration-free cut. This saw comes with a 16" blade and a sawdust blower to keep the cut-line clean and visible. Changing the blade on this saw is simple compared to most saws. There are no tools necessary and this task can be accomplished in minutes.


Step 1

Set the saw down on a steady table so it is level and does not sway. Check to make sure that the saw is not plugged in and it is safe for the blade to be changed.

Step 2

Turn the blade tension knob counterclockwise to lessen the blade tension. Push up from under the saw on the throat plate and remove it. Twist the blade clamp screws by hand to loosen them up. Push down on the saw arm and pull up on the blade to disengage the upper pin in the V-notch of the upper blade holder. Disengage the lower pin in the V-notch of the lower blade holder by pushing downward on the blade. Take off the blade.


Step 3

Set the new blade into the opening in the saw table. Point the teeth to the front of the saw and toward the saw table. Verify that the pins on the blade are under the blade holder and in the V-notch.

Step 4

Carefully pull up on the blade and press down on the upper arm to position the upper end of the blade in the V-notch of the upper blade holder. Tighten the blade clamp screws by hand to firmly secure the upper and lower blade clamps.

Step 5

Turn the blade tension knob clockwise until it is firmly secure and the proper amount of tension has been reached. Replace the throat plate before using the saw.



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