IKO Cambridge shingles are a type of dimensional asphalt shingle with a 30-year warranty. These shingles are heavier than regular laminate shingles, allowing the Cambridge shingles to withstand higher winds. Cambridge shingles come in various colors to match the color of any house. Installing Cambridge shingles is similar to installing any other type of shingle with just a few extra steps involved.

Step 1

Install the IKO starter shingle beginning at the bottom of the roof. Hang the starter shingle over the eave of the roof by 1/4-inch beginning at either side of the roof. Insert a roofing nail into the top of each end of the starter shingle with a hammer. Butt the second starter shingle up to the first. Continue around the entire eave of the roof until the starter shingles are installed.

Step 2

Lay the first shingle flush with the eave of the roof, directly on top of the starter shingle. Offset the shingle from the starter shingle by at least 4 inches. Hammer in four equally spaced roofing nails into the first shingle. Continue around the eave of the roof until the first row is installed.

Step 3

Install the second row of shingles above the first with the bottom edge of the shingle butted up against the top of the shingle in the first row. Start the second row 10 inches back from the start of the first course. Install the second row just like the first was installed.

Step 4

Install the third course just like the second was applied. Move back 10 more inches from the second course and continue up the roof in the same manner until the roof is completely covered with the shingles. Verify the shingle that you are installing does not line up even with the shingle directly below it.