How to Cut Pegboard

Pegboards make a wonderful wall storage area for the garage. Adding hooks to the pegboard will keep tools within reach, and commonly used tools can be stored there permanently. Pegboards make a great addition for a child's room or playroom. Use hooks for hanging clothes or toy bags. You can purchase pegboards in colors as well as a natural wood finish. With the proper blade for cutting pegboard, your edges will be clean and smooth.

Step 1

Measure and mark the pegboard for the correct length and width.

Step 2

Lay the pegboard on a workbench or other suitable area for cutting.

Step 3

Select the proper size blade for the saw. Blades need many fine teeth to make a clean cut through the pegboard.

Step 4

Cut the pegboard, following your measurement marks, using a circular saw, jigsaw or table saw.

Emma Lee

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