How to Find Free Bricks

Bricks fill a wide variety of needs, from creating a walkway at your home to building a house. If you need some bricks for a home project, you can find free bricks if you know where to look. Locating free bricks allows you to add other items to your landscaping or home improvement budget. This allows you to make your project look as good as possible.

Step 1

Look around your neighborhood. If someone is working on a renovation project, he may have brick to dispose of. Giving them to you saves him the time and expense of hauling them away himself.

Step 2

Look at demolition sites and construction sites that are past the masonry stages, which means late in the building process. Inquire within the "job shack," a portable building, with the job superintendent to learn whether you're free to take leftover or scrap bricks.

Step 3

Watch for advertisements in online classifieds such as Craig's List and in the newspaper. Many people will advertise bricks they want to get rid of rather than dispose of them on their own.

Step 4

Keep your eyes peeled everywhere you drive. You might discover brick piles or stacks, or you might see deserted homes with brickwork failing. Find out who owns the property by taking the address to the county clerk's office and asking for a clerk's help. With the owner's name in hand, you might get lucky and find the owner through the phone book. Ask if you may haul away the bricks on the property.

Kirsten O'Hara

Kirsten O'Hara started freelance writing in 2010. She wrote for her university newspaper "Lion's Roar" and won several collegiate writing contests. O'Hara earned a Bachelor of Arts in speech communication and a minor in English from Southeastern Louisiana University.