Attaching numbers to stone or to brick may be necessary to properly display the address on your house. Numbers of all different styles and designs can be purchased at a local hardware store and installed directly onto your house. No matter what type of numbers you purchase, or the type of stone you are installing them on, attaching numbers to your house is a quick and manageable task for any homeowner.

Step 1

Place the numbers, in order, on the front of your house at the desired location. Pick a location that is easily visible from the street or front yard. Tape the numbers in place with masking tape so they are hanging on the stone wall.

Step 2

Set a level on top of the numbers and adjust them until they are perfectly square and plumb. Remove the level and mark the hole locations on the stone. The hole locations are located where the threaded rods on the back of the numbers will go into the wall, usually two or three for each number.

Step 3

Draw a small visible pencil mark behind each number at the hole location and remove all of the numbers from the stone wall. Attach a 7/8-inch drill bit to a power drill and drill holes at the marked location into the stone. Insert the bit 1 inch into the stone.

Step 4

Slide a tube of silicone sealant into a caulk gun and cut off the tip of the nozzle with a utility knife. Squirt a dab of silicone sealant into each of the pre-drilled holes and insert the threaded rod coming out of the back of each number into the holes.

Step 5

Tape the numbers back in place with masking tape so it can hold the numbers in place for 24 hours while the silicone sealant dries. Remove all of the masking tape after 24 hours and verify the numbers are secure in the stone.