How to Estimate Prices on Masonry Work

Like many trades, masonry work has grown into more of an art form than a profession, which helps with daily living and chores. Many reasons exist as to why you might need the help of a professional masonry service, however. For instance, perhaps you need to repair your fireplace or landscaping design. Estimating the price of masonry work for your job is the first step to getting the best deal.

Step 1

Determine what you need to have done, and contact at least 5 masons to ask for a quote. Ask friends, family and relatives for references. You will find that some masons have a specialty in one area (fireplaces) over another (building housing foundation). Ask about their experience doing jobs in the area you need.

Step 2

Invite three masons to provide an on-site quote for the work. Ask for a quote on labor and materials. If materials are high-end or hard to find you may only be given an estimate for labor.

Step 3

Be sure the contractors are insured. While this does not factor directly into price it can have a significant effect on pricing should an accident occur.

Step 4

Take an average of the quotes for labor which match your job requirements the most. If you are using basic materials, you can also take an average. If you have high-end materials, however, the range of quotes can vary drastically. You might need to collect additional price quotes directly from the sellers of high-end material.

Bradley James Bryant

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