Produced by the Louisiana-Pacific Corporation, SmartSide siding is a natural form of siding constructed with wood strands or fibers. The company claims that this type of siding is an improvement upon nature, as it is created to be both environmentally friendly and stronger than natural alternatives.


Production of SmartSide siding starts with wood strands or fibers, then a zinc-borate compound is applied to prevent decay. Resins are also applied to allow the siding to resist the elements for years.

Superiority Over Wood and Fiber Cement

This type of siding may be preferable over fiber cement because it does not require expertise or special equipment to install. Additionally, fiber cement comes with the health hazard of airborne silica. Louisiana-Pacific also claims that SmartSide siding has advantages over traditional wood because of its resistance to fungi and termite corrosion, and is resistant to wood warping and cupping as well.

Environmentally Friendly

SmartSide siding uses longer pieces of wood, which requires less trees to be cut down; and is made from wood fibers and strands, so the production process doesn't require scrapping of wood with knots or voids. Additionally, Louisiana-Pacific uses small, fast-growing trees to make this siding, and the zinc-borate used in production is a natural-occurring compound.