Plaster is an important material used in home repair. Like all things, waterproofing technology undergoes many changes. The University of Southern California recommends a waterproofing solution that it developed, organopolysiloxane waterproofing treatment. It has low toxicity and is simple to use. By choosing to waterproof with organopolysiloxane, you stay up-to-date with modern waterproofing technology. Application of organopolysiloxane waterproofs plaster as well as other porous surfaces.

Waterproofing plaster extends its life.

Step 1

Brush the organopolysiloxane waterproofing treatment directly on the plaster. Cover the plaster completely with organopolysiloxane solution.

Step 2

Soak the solution into the plaster for one hour. Porous surfaces like plaster need more time to absorb waterproofing solutions.

Step 3

Blow dry the organopolysiloxane solution using the highest heat setting. Hold the blow dryer 6 to 10 inches from the surface of the plaster for 20 minutes. Heat activates the waterproofing properties. The plaster is completely dry when the surface is smooth to the touch.