How Do Retractable Cords Work?

A retractable cord is used to retract a cord back to a device back to when it is pulled a certain distance from the device. This is most often seen in the form of an electrical cord that retracts back to an appliance such as an iron or a vacuum cleaner. Included in the design of a device with a retractable cord is a space for storage of the excess cord length.

How Do Retractable Cords Work?

What is a Retractable Cord?

How Does a Retractable Cord Work?

A retractable cord works by providing a small storage space for excess cord. The cord is on a set of rotatable wheels which contain space for the entire length of the cord. When the cord is extended outside of the device and reaches its maximum length, the user will feel tension on the cord and will not be able to move the device further without moving the device closer to the work area. The entire process is similar to the winding of a fishing wheel.

Where Retractable Cords Are Used

Retractable cords are used most often in devices that plug into an electrical outlet. They are usually implemented as a a safety feature and can stop cords from being over extended or damaged. This is especially important in electrical devices as cord damage can expose live electricity.