How to Sell Pine Trees for Lumber

Growing pine trees is a long-term investment; the trees are not fully grown for at least thirty years. Many families choose to plant vacant land with pine trees as a sort of retirement nest egg. The pine trees require little upkeep as they grow and can generate a hefty profit upon fruition. Consulting with a forestry professional can ensure that you sell your pine lumber for the best price available.

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Plant young pine trees three to four feet apart on your land. It is recommended that you plant from 50 to 80 acres of pine trees to turn a profit. It costs around $300 to plant 100 acres of trees.

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Caring for the trees is virtually maintenance free while the trees mature. It will take 30 years for the trees to reach full growth.

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Weed out any weak or diseased trees after about 15 years of growth. This initial harvest produces uneven wood and will be used mainly to make paper products.

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Harvest your pine trees after they reach their 30-year growth mark. Pine lumber usually brings around $3000 per acre planted.

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Contact a forestry consultant or investment advisor to help you make the most profit from your harvest. A consulant knows the going rate for lumber and can negotiate deals with lumber yards and paper companies.