How to Glue PVC Sheets

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Things You'll Need

  • PVC sheets

  • Jigsaw or reciprocating saw with fine-tooth blade

  • PVC primer

  • PVC cement

PVC sheets and pipes can be glued together using PVC glue.

PVC sheets are made of polyvinyl chloride, a rigid material used for many applications. PVC comes in sheets or films and can be formed into different shapes and forms. Gluing PVC is easy, but cannot be easily undone. The only way to get rid of a bad gluing job is to cut away the glued area. Prep the sheets properly first and work through the gluing without using glue at first.


Glue PVC Sheets

Step 1

Measure the PVC sheet and cut it to the desired size. Use a jigsaw or reciprocating saw fitted with a fine-tooth blade to cut the PVC. Get rid of any ridges by scraping the cuts with a utility knife.

Step 2

Do a dry fit to ensure everything is properly lined up. This step is done to minimize any mistakes when using the actual cement. Make any necessary cuts and adjustments.

Step 3

Spread the PVC primer on the areas where the two PVC sheets will overlap. The function of the primer is to clean and soften the plastic.


Step 4

Apply the PVC cement to the primed area on the PVC sheet.

Step 5

Slide the PVC sheets together and hold the cemented sheets in place for 30 seconds. Wipe away any excess glue with a dry rag. Allow the cement to completely dry, approximately two hours.



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