In a split bedroom layout, a home's master bedroom is located well away from the other bedrooms, rather than being grouped together with them. This can be achieved by putting the master and guest rooms on opposite ends of the house or by placing the master bedroom downstairs and the other bedrooms on the second floor. A loft space or second floor master can also be considered to have a split bedroom design if the other bedrooms are on the first floor. This design offers many advantages, but there are a few downsides you should be aware of.

Split Bedroom Advantages

Increased Privacy

Placing the master bedroom well away from the others offers a higher degree of privacy and eliminates shared bedroom walls. Those in the master bedroom are less likely to be disturbed by household noises and guests can go about their routines without fear of disturbing their hosts.

Improved Use of Space

Split bedroom houses are typically laid out in a manner that eliminates the need for hallways. This means less wasted space and more usable square footage in the home.

Resale Value

It is common for homeowners to use bedrooms as offices, craft rooms and other spaces. If desired, the owner of a split bedroom house could turn any bedroom into a master and re-purpose the master bedroom. This makes the house layout more flexible and appeals to a wide variety of buyers, making the split plan a good choice when considering resale value.

Split Bedroom Disadvantages

Bedroom Distance

While having the master bedroom separated from other rooms provides privacy, those with infants and small children may prefer to have their children closer to them at night. Closer proximity makes it easier to hear crying babies and children who may have awoken from a nightmare or need tending to during the night.

Natural Light

Depending upon the layout of the home, adding a master bedroom onto the side or back of the first floor may reduce the amount of sunlight in the kitchen or other living spaces. It is important to be aware of the home's orientation on the lot and where the master bedroom sits.