How to Wax a Bathtub. Even the best cared-for bathtubs will begin to show their age through normal wear and tear. Restore the dull surface of your aging tub by waxing it. You will return a sparkling sheen to your tub that will make it seem like new. Follow the suggestions below for buffing your tub.

Step 1

Apply the car wax to the outer rim and sides of the tub as you would for a car. Rub it onto the tile walls and bathtub fixtures as well. Do not apply it to the bottom of the tub, since doing so will make it dangerously slippery.

Step 2

Use a soft, clean cloth or an electric buffer to buff the wax after it has been applied. Work quickly to finish buffing before it has time to dry.

Step 3

Repeat this process annually to keep your bathtub looking shiny and new.

Step 4

Choose as an alternative to car wax a product such as Gel-Gloss that is made specifically to clean and shine tubs and showers. Follow the usage instructions on the package.