What Is Swanstone Veritek?

Swanstone Veritek is a compression-molded material manufactured exclusively by the Swan Corporation of St. Louis. The non-porous material is mold and mildew resistant, has no surface coating and with molded color throughout, is impervious to chipping and cracking.

Bathroom interior
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Close-up of Swanstone Veritek bathtub


Because of its mold and mildew resistance, Veritek is used in applications where water is present. Swanstone products manufactured with Veritek are bathtubs, bath and shower wall combination sets, shower doors, utility sinks and basins. The company's bathtub alcove set is manufactured so the installation appears to be made of one continuous sheet of material.


Swanstone offers three solid colors as well as three aggregate patterns, which are manufactured to look like granite or other stone. Aggregate patterns are available in Tahiti Sand, Bermuda Sand and Clay Granite. The solid colors are white, bisque and bone.


Swan Corporation provides a five-year limited warranty on bathtubs, bath and shower walls, and shower doors. A one-year limited warranty applies to utility sinks and basins manufactured of Veritek.

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