Tropical themed parties are common in the summer. With some very basic carpentry skills you can make a pretty convincing tiki structure for your outdoor party. This whole project shouldn't take you more than an hour or two once you have your materials gathered.

Make a Tiki Hut for a Luau

Step 1

HOMEMADE BAR: Use L-brackets to attach each 36" x 48" plywood piece to the sides of the 60" x 48" plywood piece. Attach the shelf brackets to the front piece and install the 60" x 36" plywood piece as a shelf. If you want your structure extra secure, attach four more brackets to the inside of the bar where the top and sides meet.

Step 2

FOR THE ROOF: Cut a 45 degree angle on one end of each 2x4 and attach it to the front corner on each side with wood screws through the sides and the top of the angle facing up. Line the 60" 2x4 up with the angle cut on the side 2x4s and attach them with wood screws, Attach the remaining 60" x 36" piece to the top of this 2x4 with wood screws. Decorate the top with straw, straw mats, vines or bamboo. Almost anything will do.

Step 3

If you can't build from scratch, you can use a cheap table. Nail some plywood to the front of it and decorate it with ivory or sage green paint. Use fast drying glue to apply grass mats (place mats), fake palms or real palms to it. Most fabric stores have cool fabric or fake plants that will work great!