Your Stylish Eye Will Be Satisfied by This Symmetrical Living Room

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This breezy living room outfitted by Kirsten Blazek of a1000xbetter epitomizes why symmetry is one of our favorite tricks of the design trade. When done with a discerning eye, a few pieces in a similar shade and shape can make an entire room feel stylishly complete. Get a glimpse of that pair of arched windows, which are linked by an equally curved mirror above a matching fireplace. The dual panes line up perfectly with a set of twin couches that just so happen to sandwich a coffee table in a coordinating color. Throw pillows on either sofa also pull from the same casual look — and offer up a subtle nod to the pattern in the nearby tiling — but their varying fabrics keep the aesthetic from feeling too matchy-matchy. Everything, even down to the stacks of books and plants, has a curated partner. That's why we're especially enamored with the watercolor rug underneath it all. Its watery blues and soft cream tones still blend in with the rest of the room, but it punctuates the otherwise structured design with a fun dash of dream-like disorder.

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