20 Items We're Currently Coveting That'll Turn Any Space Into a Home

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An empty room should be thought of as a welcome challenge that prompts you to answer a question: how can this space be filled with items that speak to your personality and give a nod to current trends? It's a careful balance between pinpointing what inspires you and what catches your eye, and it's much easier to do with a few key items in mind. We partnered with Domino to make a list of what those blank-space fillers could be, in the hopes that the array of modern, trendy, and timeless pieces would help create the type of place you want to call home. Peruse our list of 20 finds, and it'll be easier to start to imagining your future surroundings as a warm reflection of you.

Trigg Wall Vessels ( set of two, $24.99 )

Trendy planters like these work well in almost any setting — especially in a small space like a powder room.

Wire Bar Chair ( set of two, $278 )

Wire bar chairs can do wonders to a kitchen's sight lines, since it adds seating without disrupting a design's flow. See how a similar style works in this California beach home.

Zera Bowl ( $21.99 )

You can never have too many storage options to help streamline your home's many things, and this woven bowl can be a simple way to tidy up — especially on an entryway table.

Hounslow Table Lamp ( $325.49 )

Never underestimate the versatility of gold: it's a confident shade that pretty much goes with everything. It pairs especially well with black-and-white accents and natural wood, as seen in this serene restaurant.

Light Grey Pot ( $229.49 )

Plants are a no-fail way to bring color into a space, especially if minimalism is what you're after. A pot like this one would complement a similar palette seen in this Aussie home.

New Zealand Natural Single Sheepskin ( $68.99 )

A sheepskin throw is an ideal textural detail in a neutral design: it'll add warmth without adding too much extra attention to itself.

Monroe Midcentury Leather Sofa ( $2,799 )

Camel leather couches are a solid investment piece, since they provide a neutral base for any other colors or textures you'd like to try in your living room. And this one is especially swoon-worthy.

Bubble Gum #1 ( $21.00 )

As you know, your kitchen sees a lot of traffic — and that's why we think its walls should be treated with the same attention to detail as those in the rest of your home. Try this one next to your dining table.

Yellow and Print Striped Basket ( $144.99 )

Woven items have been quite popular lately, and this pink-and-yellow basket is a cute and easy way to integrate the trend into your home in a versatile way. Use it to store toys or magazines in your living area or bedroom.

Stack Dining Chairs and Table Set ( $425.99 )

White paint and light wood go together well, whether they're being used on a large scale or in a more contained space. Opt for this dining set in a casual, minimalistic kitchen nook and all you'll be missing is a vase of flowers.

Hemstitched Throw ( $80.99 )

A sky blue throw works perfectly in a bedroom with a lot of texture, especially alongside a shiplap or brick accent wall. Be sure to match a decorative pillow to its shade for the ideal finish.

Norm Porcelain Bottle ( $44.99 )

As you've probably noticed, paper products for parties have gotten a lot chicer as of late. But still, it's not always easy to throw so much away. Clear your conscience with this sleek, refillable water bottle, and you'll feel even better about the easy cleanup.

Concha Chair ( $397.99 )

When a bedroom side chair is really gorgeous, it's hard to turn it into a second closet. This airy, moody design is a solid choice for extra seating, especially since black bedrooms are very of-the-moment.

Mint Wire Basket ( $125.99 )

Committing to a mint refrigerator is one thing, but committing to a mint wastebasket? Totally effortless. Be sure to place this one in a corner of your workspace where it can be seen — it's a shade that's made to stand out.

Kera Bathroom Tumbler ( $9.99 )

In a minimalist room where white is a primary color, it's a good idea to use a textural material to complement those smooth features. While a tumbler like this works on a small scale, it also would fit right in with this Australian design.

Elisabeth Fredriksson Golden Geo Credenza ( $998.99 )

Sometimes a room's greatest design achievement is in its details, which this credenza can help do. Its geometric pattern would add interest to a minimalist design, without competing with the other items in the layout.

One Light Pendant ( $153.80 )

Black kitchens are very popular at the moment, and a trio of this design would be a timeless take on the trend. Just be sure to balance its raven hue with lighter shades.

Mud Cloth Pillow Cover ( $65.00 )

When a modern design is your goal, then keep mud cloth pillows within your view. They have a subtle but eye-catching pattern that will add a dynamic touch to your space.

Desert Twilight ( $21.00 )

Buying art online can be a challenge — especially if you're a beginner. One easy solution? Pick up this item to go above a headboard, and you're all set.

Kasbah Brass Round Tray ( $17.99 )

Preparing a guest room means anticipating just what your loved ones will need as they call your place home for a short time. Once you get the necessities out of the way, place this tray on a dresser or nightstand as a catch-all for their odds and ends.