Honestly, It's Totally Worth the Effort to Set a Table for One

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Image Credit: Chloe Miller and Monique Wolf for Hunker

We're not going to judge, but be honest: have you ever set the table just for yourself? Selecting the right linens, positioning respectable utensils, and even placing a bouquet of fresh flowers nearby seems like the type of effort that's only reserved for guests and special occasions. But, really, a beautiful ambiance doesn't need an invitation.

When you take the time to cook a meal for yourself, we think you should also devote a few extra minutes to creating a stylish scene. Not only is it great practice for future dinner parties, but it also can become an everyday habit that makes your nightly routine a little more special. Start with an casual linen placemat, and then throw in a matching cloth napkin. Use clean-lined utensils to complement a crisp white plate, and pair those items next to a vase of greenery that'll provide color and life to your table. That's it!

Watch a step-by-step guide below, and then shop our list of picks from the video to make it happen. Soon, you won't even see this small task as anything more than an easy way to treat yourself.

Linen Placemats ( $40 for a set of two)

Heath Ceramics Dinner Plate ( $35 )

Heath Ceramics Bud Vase ( $25 )

Ikea Intagande Glass ( $1.99 )

Anthropologie Rediscovered Flatware ( $36 )

Heath Ceramics Salad Bowl ( $135 )