The New Goop Collection at Nordstrom Is the Easiest Way to Make Your Friends Jealous

Remember when your best friend took that trip to Europe during your work conference? Or that time your old roommate ran into that one celebrity on the street during your Netflix binge? Yeah, that Well it's about time your ego received a much-needed boost, and the new Goop and Nordstrom collaboration is just the thing to do it.

The collection's home goods, beauty products, clothing, and accessories are curated from the Goop label and a few of Gwyneth's choice brands to create a shopping experience that can only be described as exclusive. Either shop in-store at eight lucky brick-and-mortar locations, or fill up a virtual shopping bag with your loot, and get ready to see results. When you place these pretty items around your hideaway, your friends will wish they called your house their home — and that's the icing on the cake of why these picks are worth the splurge.

The products are available now until June 25 in stores and online, so be sure to tell your frenemy about it on the 26th. Here are the five items we think will induce the most envy.