Don't Forget to Work With the Shape of a Space to Really Make an Impact

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This space designed by Erin Wheeler of Sunny Circle Studio perfectly demonstrates the magic that happens when you tailor your furniture and decor to your home's layout. The primary thing that makes this nook so inviting is its circular shape, which allows for movement to flow freely and natural light to come in from every angle. Plus, that outline is enhanced by the mirroring items that fill it. For instance, a midcentury round table atop a circular rug provides an intimate focal point, which is literally topped off with a like-minded wooden pendant light. Meanwhile, a small credenza in the corner complements the white and natural wood aesthetic, and yet, its height doesn't obstruct the gorgeous light shining through the windows. But it's those stunning chairs — with their curved backs and unconventional seats — that rightfully deserve some attention. They fit in while still standing out, which is the perfect rebellious move in an overly cohesive look.

If those dining chairs are making you swoon, too, then bring 'em home today.

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