We Figured Out How to Set a Table for Every Meal, So You Can Cross That Off Your List

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Image Credit: Chloe Miller and Monique Wolf for Hunker

There are two things almost everyone struggles with after deciding to throw a dinner party: what to make, and how to set the table. While choosing what to eat is never easy, setting the scene is actually a cinch. Don't roll your eyes — we actually figured it out.

Truthfully, you don't need much to make your table inviting: simple plates and flatware bring out the color in your food, and fresh flowers complement those shades while adding dimension to the scene. Patterns can be intimidating, but if you stick to stripes as the sole print in your setup, then it's easier to mix in colors that can be brighter during the day and moodier at night.

If you're looking for a little more confidence — hey, being a host is scary — don't worry! We've broken down exactly what you'd need to set every meal using our favorite items from Parachute's new tabletop collection, and featured them in a video below.


The first meal of the day lends itself well to soft shades and a cheerful aesthetic. In this instance, we matched the pastel hue of the flowers with the color of the cups, but didn't use any bright shades — when fresh fruits are on the table, you don't want to compete. Also, be sure to match stripes with solids when both have a shared color, like navy blue.

Image Credit: Chloe Miller and Monique Wolf for Hunker

Linen Placemats ( set of two for $40 )


In our book, navy works as a neutral: it pretty much goes with every other color on the wheel, and it still has a casual quality that works well for lunchtime gatherings. Use the shade as a backdrop for salads and sandwiches, and pair it with bright pops of color — it looks particularly good against red.

Image Credit: Chloe Miller and Monique Wolf for Hunker

Linen Table Runner ( $60 )


Dinner parties have a reputation for being upscale events, but really, it's more fun if you keep this meal as low-key as the others. A simple linen tablecloth will provide all the dramatics you need, while the long vertical stripes of a runner will make the table appear longer. Intersperse low bouquets with white candles for ambiance, and you're all set.

Image Credit: Chloe Miller and Monique Wolf for Hunker

Linen Tablecloth ( $160 )

Still need tips on what to eat? We chatted with Parachute's founder and CEO, Ariel Kaye, about what she'd serve alongside her creations. So, basically, you have everything you need to make your event a success.