As If This Library Wasn't Cool Enough, It Also Features One Perfect Style Trick

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Who else would give just about anything to curl up in this sunny library design by Jenny Komenda? It's just so inviting. We love how the books on the grand bookshelf are artfully arranged in a way that transforms them from simple reading material into compelling decor, while an industrial ladder adds a perfect blend of visual interest and practical utility. A butterscotch couch plays off the abundant natural light, which shines vibrantly through the lush plant and acts as a unifying piece for the textural area rug underfoot and cozy accessories on its cushions. Speaking of which, if you're looking for ways to make a space more cozy, layering two different rugs is a no-fail and super trendy way to get there. Try a combination similar to this one, with a subtle bottom rug contrasted with a vibrant pattern on top, for a design rich in compelling contrasts.

Start your chic layered rug experiment here.

Semi-Antique Persian Hamadan Oriental Rug ( $2,235 )

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