If You've Never Shopped for Art Online, This Is Where to Do It

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Anyone who's faced the challenge of filling up a blank wall knows just how difficult it can be to find the perfect piece of art. There are a few high demands even just one framed canvas needs to meet: it has to reflect your personal style and budget, without being too trendy or looking too cheap. Furthermore, it should complement your aesthetic without encroaching on a room's overall design. And if that wasn't hard enough, this work ought to inspire joy every time you look at it. Given all of those competing factors to consider, the art-buying struggle is very real. Fortunately, these five online stores make it a lot easier to locate your elusive must-buy, so no matter what your particular wishes may be, the wall decor of your dreams is just a click away.


Manhattan Bridge, Manhattan by Berenice Abbott ( from $60 )

20x200's motto is "art for everyone," so here you'll find… art for everyone! This site specializes in showcasing pieces from rising artists rather than seasoned ones, which keeps the prices low and the quality high.


Watermelon by Anna Dorfman ( from $20 )

Society6 makes your art quest super easy because their prints searchable by genre, artist, and color. Plus, it also indicates how coveted each piece is by the public. Most of the prints are under $30, so it's a particularly great stop for those on a budget.


Lodz Windows 1318 by Marilyn Henrion ( $4,150 )

For artwork that's a little more high-end, Zatista has you covered. Most pieces exceed $1,000, but everything you find is an original work of art — not a print — so they make for lifelong investments.


Red Path by Jonathan Purday ( $2,135 )

Eyestorm is a contemporary art store that offers a blend of works by seasoned artists, such as Jeff Koons, as well as the opportunity to invest in emerging talent before their careers takes off. That said, nothing here runs cheap — most pieces are priced in the thousands. The bright side? They're made to last a lifetime.


Pink Abstract Print by Siiso ( $45 )

Etsy is the epitome of all things artisan, so your search would be remiss if it didn't make a stop here. And because works range in price from a few bills to thousands of dollars, there's truly something for everyone here. Simply search "wall art" and behold the breadth of artistic goodness.

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