If You Need Yet Another Reason to Get a Wall Hanging, This Living Room Is It

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A room that's as cozy as it is chic isn't always easy to create, but this space by Ginny MacDonald proves that it's possible with some thoughtful styling. To start, work with soft and inviting materials to create a foundation of visual warmth. The printed and shaggy finishes on the runner and area rug lend an eclectic base to the equally unconventional pairing of the lounge and wire chairs, which bookend a gilded side table that adds a hint of glamour. Meanwhile, the vintage finds confined to one end of the room continue the quirky aesthetic — just get a glimpse of those lamps overhead — but the open shelving and unobstructed bulbs keep the look light. Despite its many interesting components, it's the fringe wall hanging that's the centerpiece of this room, prominently displaying the welcoming hues and textures that define this unexpected design. Use a similar piece to bring dimension and warmth to your decor, whether it's in a living room or bedroom.

Try this wall hanging amid your own vintage collection.

Large Macrame Wall Hanging ( $266.16 )

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