This Stunning Tile Trend Basically Requires Your Design A-Game

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Here's the thing about making an impact: sometimes all it takes is one bold move. And that's exactly what's happening with this find from Lonny magazine: a bathroom outfitted by Regan Baker Design uses just one tool — ocean blue tiles — to make a stunning first impression. If you're planning on following the lead of this stylish trend, then take it easy with everything else in the room. A simple white bathtub paired with a stand-alone faucet keeps its backdrop as the focal point, while a traditional rug balances out the brightness with a compelling mix of complementary shades. That juxtaposition alone would usually be enough, but a small collection of hanging air plants adds in an artful detail that still doesn't take away from the main event. If you're like us, then maybe this example is inspiring you to up your bathroom game. We're right behind you, as long as you keep it minimal but stay fearless.

Go for it with this pattern from Granada Tile.

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