An All-Natural Color Palette Is the Key to a Serene Bedroom Design

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We keep trying to think of a bedroom we love more at the moment than this one by designer Sarah Sherman Samuel but, unsurprisingly, nothing comes to mind. Could you imagine spending all morning here, too? That's probably because the color palette is so relaxing. Earthy shades of burnt orange, sage green, and denim blue give the room a natural quality, while elevated elements like the twin gold sconces and glass side tables also keep it looking fresh. The floral print above the bed ties in to the serene theme, but its black-and-white hues give an edge to an otherwise subdued design. And while there's a whole lot of other covetable pieces to discuss here β€” from the contemporary leather bench to the raspberry-hued rug β€” it's the hanging pendant light that's grabbing our attention the most. It punctuates this cool, grounded look with an airy and modern touch.

Hang this pendant light from Lightology above white sheets for an equally natural finish.

Octo Pendant ( $2,039 )

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