You've Always Wanted a Colorful Fridge, So This Is How to Style It

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Elsie Larson is never one to shy away from bold colors and vibrant styles — after all, she's one-half of the brains behind A Beautiful Mess. And thank goodness for her confident eye, because we wouldn't have this delightful kitchen to swoon over otherwise. Although this look is cheerful, pulling it off comes down to one plain rule: balance. The mint green refrigerator is the obvious star of this design's show, so the rest of the cabinetry is kept to a crisp white. Gold touches in the hardware and light fixture bring in glam details, and the three-tiered plant hanger adds a playful touch. If you're thinking about a retro-meets-modern look like this, remember to keep your color palette in check. A bold refrigerator doesn't need an equally vibrant set of fixtures and furnishings. Instead, work with its shade to find complementary hues that'll work as minor accents in the space's overall setup.

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