Go Ahead and Do the Sunset-Hue Trend, but Make It Personal

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Sunset hues are a popular trend this spring — they're hard to resist when the weather is warming up — and this beautiful bedroom by Hausfrau pulls it off so well. The color combination of pale pink and sherbet orange creates a cheerful vibe, while a natural wood bed frame and matching midcentury side tables keep the room from appearing too sweet. Given that these bright hues give off a strong impression, the rest of the space sticks to a wise dose of minimalism. A single piece of art matches the linens with a dreamy print, and unassuming plants play in to those soothing details. But it's the simple yet compelling patterns in the pillows and throws that give the design originality, adding just the right amount of intrigue to give the look some edge. When working with of-the-moment pigments, find a way to make them your own. Embrace trends, of course, but incorporate unexpected textures and materials that speak to your individual personality.

Toss a patterned throw on your bed and check out how much brighter your design shines.

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