Geometric Patterns Will Help Bring Order to a Nursery (We Promise)

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If you weren't already convinced that Fiona Michelon is one of the best interior stylists around, then this nursery should definitely make you a believer. Why, exactly? It's easy: she knows how to blend child-like fun with a grown-up sense of order. Take a look at this nursery, for instance. Kid-friendly pastel pinks, bright whites, and sky blues are given a compelling twist in bold patterns, while an intermingling of black accents adds just enough weight in the form of accessories. In fact, this design scheme would be disorienting if not for its geometric details and clean lines — from the wall paint, to the artwork, to the rug, every aspect appears balanced by clear definitions. But our favorite part of this look has got to be the clever use of toys that pull double-duty as decor. If you want to keep your child's room minimal but interesting, opt for cute throw pillows that can seamlessly transition into safe toys. It's a chic and cuddly solution.

Try the look by bringing a cozy cloud pillow into your nursery's mix.

Bugs 'N' Smiles Cloud Pillow ($34.95)

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