Small-Space Dwellers, Rejoice! This Is How to Style a Tiny Dining Area

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This look by Havenly is a small-space dweller's dream. If you're like so many of us who don't have the square footage for a full-on dining room, then a breakfast nook like this is the perfect solution. And really, it isn't that tough to execute. A small round table is a sufficient surface for eating, while a nearby bar cart provides extra room for any essentials that would otherwise crowd the space. Like any confined area, intention and symmetry are key: every item has to have a purpose, and it all needs to be organized. The pair of chairs complement the matching windows, the artwork is displayed in a round number, and the beverages underneath are pleasantly grouped together. But just because everything has to be thought out doesn't mean that it can't also be fun. The striped, Parisian seats bring in a cheerful pattern, and make the design appear more welcoming. In lieu of clutter-inducing decor, invest in a set of vibrant chairs that'll make your style sing without cramping it.

If these bistro chairs are making you swoon, you can find a similar set here.

Parisian Bistro Woven Side Chair ($295)

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