You Need This One Thing to Make the Perfect Outdoor Space

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The first day of spring is finally upon us, which means it's time to transition from spending a cozy afternoon indoors to venturing out into the sunshine. And while it would be easy to place a weather-proof chair outside and call it a day, this look from Brittany of Trio Design should be the spark that makes you aim higher. Your backyard patio can be an extension of your living room, which is the case here. The black and white color palette is perfectly in line with the hues of the home itself — see how the black brick matches the sleek couch — while an accompanying natural wood table and subtle succulents keep the decor grounded in the outdoors. Of course, the pair of cream butterfly chairs are totally chic, but it's the defining area rug that ties everything together with an inviting, come-hither vibe. It just goes to show that you only need a few key pieces to make a comfortable space in the fresh air.

Create the ideal al fresco "room" with a cute area rug.

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