Nate Berkus Released a New Target Collection, and It's Too Good

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Nobody ever ignores a new Target collaboration, especially if it's by interior designer Nate Berkus. And — surprise, surprise — his new spring collection for the brand is rightfully grabbing everyone's attention. Functional, stunning, and downright affordable, Berkus's fresh line combines glamorous Art Deco details with natural, earthy elements to create a look that's equal parts low-key and self-assured. Take the metal wall mirror and its geometric detailing, for instance. While it makes a bold statement, it can be hung above a simple woven basket for a cool, balanced design.

It would be easy to transform your living room with the full list of available creations, since nothing costs more than $250. But if you want to work in a few pieces here and there — especially given that the array of prints, tassels, and fringe go with pretty much everything — then now is the time to do it.

These are the five pieces we're currently dropping into our shopping carts:

Corded Tassel Throw Pillow ($24.99)

Corded Tassel Throw Pillow

Ceramic Cut Out Table Lamp ($59.99)

Ceramic Cut Out Table Lamp

Earthenware Camel Figurine ($14.99)

Earthenware Camel Figurine

Console Table White ($174.99)

Console Table White

Metal Wall Mirror ($34.99)

Metal Wall Mirror