Keep a Detail Like This in Mind When Working With a Loud Design

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We don't even know where to start when it comes to what we love most about this eclectic kitchen from My Domaine. The trendy, sunshine yellow wallpaper sets a cheerful tone for the entire space, while the gold-lined pendant lights add a bit of glam to the mix. A trio of wicker stools match the number of lights overhead, and their homespun quality balances out the black countertop and flooring that give the room an added twist of personality. There's a flux of details here, which means that every aspect of the room has to work together — one wrong move could end up making the kitchen feel more kitschy than cool. Truthfully, the faucet is the low-key exclamation point on this design. The fact that it's gold, and not stainless steel, allows it to fit into the fun-loving atmosphere without missing a beat.

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