It's Not Hard to Mix Patterns, Just Use This Bedroom as Your Guide

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This desert-chic bedroom by House Updated proves that mixing aesthetics can make for a stunning decor scheme. The pared-back furniture and bright white walls provide a simple backdrop for a variety of global patterns, which appear to match thanks to their shared small prints. A burst of geometric lines in the art above the bed balance out the blanket and pillow, while the plants throw in a bit more interest without overwhelming the space. It all sounds like a lot, but the accessory that keeps everything in check is the kilim rug. It quietly drives this look home from below, adding aesthetic warmth to the stark color contrasts above.

Take a page from this design's book and warm up your look with a kilim rug of your own.

Urban Outfitters Magical Thinking Hana Kilim Printed Rug ($34 - $229)

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