This Is How to Work the Faux Fur Trend in a Dining Room

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It's not easy to be simultaneously cool and cozy, but this design by Laurel & Wolf proves that it's not entirely impossible. The key to this room is its layers: the black detailing on the chairs matches the unconventional light fixture overhead, which in turn complements the artwork and bookcase on the opposing wall. Despite the minimal color palette, the neutral shades are intertwined in intriguing ways β€” just look at that white chair and its wood base. But it's the small yet visually impactful fur pillow cushion that takes this design to the next level, adding a textural dimension that punctuates the dining area with an added dose of style.

Want your own space to seem effortlessly luxe? Faux-fur accents are a quick and trendy way to do it.

Pottery Barn Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow ($45.50)

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