How to Convert an Indian Toilet to a Western Toilet

The standard Indian toilet, found in millions of bathrooms, is located on the floor. To use it, you squat above it and do your business. While this is common practice for Indians, it may leave some comfort to be desired for Americans visiting the country. While the plumbing cannot be converted to a Western-style toilet, it is possible to convert the toilet into a makeshift Western toilet using a commode, or toilet chair.

Toilet chair
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Commodes are typically used by the elderly and disabled people.
Toilet chair
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The commode sits over the toilet.

Place the commode, or toilet chair, directly above the squat toilet. Commodes are available in India at medical supply shops and may be rented or purchased outright.

Toilet chair
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Make sure both seats are up.

Open the seats on the commode. There should be two seats, a solid seat to sit on when not using the toilet and a standard American-style toilet seat underneath it.

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The bed pan can be set aside or discarded.

Lift the bed pan out of the commode, as it will not be needed for your purposes.

Step 4

Place the toilet seat down on the commode. You can now sit on it as you would with a Western toilet.

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