Salice cabinet hinges are also known as European hinges. The hinges differ from pin-type hinges in that they are adjustable in three different directions. Moving the cabinet door left or right over the cabinet opening is the sideways adjustment. The depth adjustment flattens the door flat against the front of the cabinet housing. The height adjustment moves the cabinet door up and down over the opening. For all adjustments, you loosen or tighten specific screws on the hinge part that is mounted inside the cabinet housing. You need never adjust the screws on the cabinet door.

Close-up of hinge on vanity cabinet
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Salice hinges are also known as European hinges.

Step 1

Loosen the screw nearest the door for the sideways adjustment. Slide the door left or right until you reach the desired position and tighten the screw. Because there are two hinges on each door, only one may be out of sideways alignment, causing the top edge of the door to not be parallel to the top of the cabinet housing. In this case, adjust only one of the hinges.

Step 2

Adjust the screw at the back of the hinge for the depth adjustment. This is needed if the door is not on the same plane as adjacent doors. Loosen the back screw, pull or push the door toward or away from the cabinet housing until it is in the desired position. Tighten the screw in place. The depth adjustment is the one most commonly needed in older cabinets because opening and closing the door can work the screw loose.

Step 3

To adjust the door's height, loosen the two screws on the upper and lower tabs of the hinge for the Series 200 and Domi snap-on mounting plates Model BAV hinge models. The entire main body of the hinge will move during this adjustment. Move the door up or down and then tighten the screws.

Step 4

Rotate the cam adjuster at the rear of the main hinge body for Series 200 Models B2RXE and B2PXE hinges for the height adjustment. For Domi snap-on mounting plates Models BAPXR and BARXR, rotate the cam adjuster located in the middle of the main hinge body. You don't have to loosen any screws on these hinge models.