How to Adjust the Tracking on a Scag Mower

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Adjust the tracking on your mower to achieve the straightest possible cut.
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The tracking setting of your Scag mower dictates whether the unit is able to travel in a straight line during use. Misaligned tracking causes the mower to gradually veer right or left as you move forward. Before adjusting the tracking, make sure the tire pressures are correct – 25 pounds per square inch, or PSI, for the drive tires; 15 PSI for the caster tires – and that the neutral adjustment and control rod adjustments are complete.


Step 1

Engage neutral on both of the steering control levers and the speed adjustment lever. Move the speed adjustment lever again until it just makes contact with the speed adjustment cam.

Step 2

Tighten the speed adjustment lever bearing on both sides, then, with the machine on level ground, select the speed most frequently used during cutting.

Step 3

Squeeze the steering control levers and release the neutral latch. Gently release the steering control levers until the mower begins to move forward. If the tracking is correct, the mower should move in a straight line. Stop the mower and turn off the engine if it pulls to one side.


Step 4

Looking at the side the mower pulled toward, loosen the wing nut securing the speed adjustment bearing lever and move the bearing roughly 1/16-inch away from the cam. Test the mower again and make additional adjustments, if necessary.



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