GE Profile Microwave Paint Is Peeling Off

Having a functioning, clean microwave is essential piece of any kitchen. Unfortunately, time takes its toll on the appearance of a perfectly functional GE microwave. Peeling or chipped paint is unsightly, but does not necessarily spell the end for your microwave. With a bit of inspection and some cleaning, you can restore your microwave's appearance, allowing you to keep on cooking.

credit: Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images
Refresh an older microwave with a new coat of paint.


There are a few conditions that could cause the paint on your microwave to peel, bubble, chip or crack. Most often, exposure to excessive amounts of steam from cooking causes paint problems, according to the appliance experts at AP Wagner. Steam exposure may also cause rust to develop in the interior of the microwave. Spilling acidic foods in the microwave can contribute to the development of peeling, bubbling paint inside the microwave. Some acidic or abrasive cleaning products could also contribute to paint problems.


Before beginning any cleaning or paint repair, be sure to properly inspect the microwave. Check for holes both inside and outside the appliance. Check closely for holes in addition to peeling paint problems. Unfortunately, the presence of holes makes it necessary to toss out your microwave. Holes in the body of the microwave could cause radiation to seep out into the room, according to AP Wagner.

Removing Old Paint

As long as your microwave only features cosmetic damage, it is possible to repaint the microwave and give it a new look. Before repainting begins, it is important to remove the old, peeling finish. Removing the peeling paint helps give the microwave a smooth surface for the new paint to properly adhere. At the home improvement store, grab a sanding block and a flat scraping tool. Gently scrape all of the old paint from the surface. Use caution to ensure you do not damage the microwave's body. Use a medium-grit sandpaper to gently sand the surface, preparing it for the new coat of paint. Use a tack cloth to clean up any debris left behind by the sanding process.


The key to properly repainting a microwave is to purchase the correct type of paint. Some appliance companies sell special appliance touch-up paint. Appliance paint or any gloss enamel paint works best on a microwave. Gloss enamel paint is available in both spray paint and traditional paint varieties. Use painter's tape to tape off the microwave's mesh screen and any other areas you do not wish to paint. Spray both the interior and exterior of the microwave. Use long, even strokes to apply a thin coat of paint. For traditional paints, use a small paint roller or thin paintbrush to apply the paint in thin, even strokes. Allow the paint to dry and touch up if necessary.