How to Trim Tiger Grass

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Things You'll Need

  • Shears

  • Stepladder

  • Rake

  • Bag

You will need shears to trim the tiger grass.

Tiger grass is a tall ornamental grass that resembles bamboo. The most challenging part about trimming this tall plant is managing its size, which can exceed three meters. The leaves of the grass are used throughout Asia to wrap food for steaming and the purple flowers are used to make the ends of brooms. Because the plant grows so fast, it could require frequent trimming to keep it manageable.


Step 1

Prune the edges of the plant's leaves as far down and up as you can. Angle the shears to produce the shape for the plant that you desire.

Step 2

Target the cuts where the ends of the leaves are dead. If the plant is healthy to the ends, make your cuts about two to five feet from the plant's base.

Step 3

Place a stepladder next to the plant if you can't reach the top by standing. Climb the stepladder and prune the top of the tiger grass.

Step 4

Rake up the fallen grass, place it into a bag and dispose of it properly.


Pruning ornamental grasses is most needed in late winter or early spring when the ends are dead.


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