How to Clean the Strainer on an AquaSource Faucet

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Things You'll Need

  • Pliers

  • Cloth

  • Distilled white vinegar

Use vinegar to clean a faucet strainer.

An AquaSource faucet's strainer is located inside the aerator. The strainer stops debris such as sand from making its way through the faucet, which in turn prevents you from ingesting it. Over time, or if an exterior pipe is repaired, a larger amount of debris may make its way through the plumbing system and into your faucet. Large amounts of debris will catch on the strainer and prevent or slow the flow of water. Removing the aerator and cleaning the strainer will remedy this problem.

Step 1

Inspect the faucet's spout to locate the aerator, which is round in shape and is located at the point where water flows out.

Step 2

Drape a thin piece of cloth over the pliers' jaws and teeth and attach it to the aerator. Check that the cloth is sandwiched between the pliers' teeth and the aerator so that the teeth don't make marks in the faucet material.

Step 3

Loosen the aerator by rotating it in a clockwise direction using the pliers. Stop using the pliers once the aerator is loose enough to turn by hand. Unthread the aerator the rest of the way by hand until it comes off the faucet body.

Step 4

Poke your finger through the aerator to remove the inside components. Rinse the strainer off with water to remove any large pieces of debris. Soak the strainer and the other aerator components in distilled white vinegar if they feature calcium deposits.

Step 5

Reassemble the clean aerator and thread it back onto the faucet body. Tighten the aerator using the pliers and cloth. Test the faucet by turning on the water.


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