How to Keep Roaches Out of Your Clothes

Roaches are nocturnal insects that hide in dark, tight and cluttered areas around your home. They will infest in large groups, and don't need much water to survive. Roaches prefer to find porous surfaces that will absorb their bodily odors like paper, wood and cardboard. If your clothes dressers are made of wood, or some type of artificial wood, then it may be a prime target for roaches. Luckily there are a few things you can do to keep them away.

In large numbers, roaches can be destructive and spread disease.

Step 1

Clean the entire room thoroughly. Pick up all wrappers, foul smelling items, food debris and damp materials that may be laying around. Vacuum the room. Place a running fan, to dry the room out.

Step 2

Check the walls, windows, vents, pipes and entrance ways for gaps in the seals -- where the roaches may be coming in. Caulk any damaged seals you find.

Step 3

Make a trap to catch the roaches. Empty an old canning jar or mayonnaise jar, and clean it. Apply petroleum jelly around the top portion, inside of the jar. Put a fruit peel into the bottom of the jar. Place this trap, or more than one trap, in your dresser drawers at an angle. The roaches will enter the jar looking for the fruit and slide on the jelly -- unable to get out.

Step 4

Place sticky paper inside the drawers in the dressers, underneath the dresser and on the surface. This will also catch roaches that are attracted to the scent of the fruit.

Step 5

Get your vacuum cleaner and the adjustable arm ready to go. Walk into the room with the dresser, turn the lights on and open the drawers. Vacuum up all of the roaches that you find as quickly as possible -- vacuuming the jar out and checking the sticky paper.

Step 6

Put roach traps around the dresser as directed, after you have minimized the group. The roaches will eat the hazardous bait in the traps and die. Check inside of the traps regularly, and replace traps as needed.