How to Kill Bed Bugs in Electronics

Bed bugs are small insects that live off the blood of humans and other animals. If bed bugs infest your home, they may find their way into your electronics, such as your TV and laptop. You can't treat electronics with insecticides, and because adult bed bugs can survive for a year or more without feeding, sealing electronics in plastic bags isn't feasible either. The best method to kill bed bugs in electronics is the use of heat. Bed bugs die at a temperature around 115 degrees F, according to Virginia Tech.

Bed bugs may infest electronics.

Step 1

Schedule a thermal remediation treatment with a licensed and insured pest control company. Ensure that the exterminator will raise the temperature to at least 115 degrees F for at least 60 minutes. Temperatures up to 135 degrees F will not damage electronic equipment, according to Virginia Tech.

Step 2

Remove clutter from the room to make bedbug removal easier. However, don't move clutter into other rooms, because that spreads the infestation. Instead, throw it away immediately or organize it in the same room for inspection.

Step 3

Turn all electronics off and unplug them. In addition, remove the electrical switch and plug plates.

Step 4

Open windows after the thermal remediation treatment to help your home cool. Vacuum thoroughly to remove dead bugs.