How to Clean Plastic Chandeliers

Although a plastic chandelier can become a beautiful and elegant focal point of a room or hallway, these lighting devices are a magnet for dust and grime. Because a chandelier is not handled on a regular basis, dust quickly accumulates on the otherwise stylish light fixture. While it may be challenging to clean these intricate fixtures, the effort to remove cobwebs and filth from the overhanging light will result in a stunning improvement to the room's ambience.

Hanging chandeliers collect dust and cobwebs.

Step 1

Turn off the electricity to the chandelier and wait several minutes for the bulbs to cool before handling the light fixture.

Step 2

Place a sheet or blanket under the ladder where you will clean the plastic chandelier to catch dripping glass cleaner. The blanket will also protect the chandelier's decorative accessories if you accidentally drop a piece while cleaning the fixture.

Step 3

Carefully position the ladder underneath the chandelier so that you can easily reach it.

Step 4

Saturate a regular washcloth with glass cleaner and rub the chandelier clean. Dry and polish the chandelier with another cloth. Do not spray cleaning agents directly onto the chandelier, as it may seep into the electrical wires. Take the time to rub down each individual piece and strand of the ornate chandelier to remove the layers of dust.

Arnold Carreiro

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