What Does it Mean When Moths Keep Appearing in Your Home?

Moths, winged, furry insects that typically appear gray in color and flutter about like dusty butterflies, are found in virtually every region of the United States, particularly during the spring and summer months. It's also not uncommon that you'll find a few of these creatures flying around your house or climbing on your walls. Moths may either just wander in on occasion, in which case they're not much of a threat, or you could have an infestation that could lead to tainted food or clothes with holes in them.

Moths like this are not uncommon sights, especially during the warmer months of the year.

Moths From Outside

The appearance of most common moths in your home simply means that you have either doors or windows open that they can come through. This may happen during the summer when it's warm and you leave the windows open for fresh air or to create a draft. Moths are attracted to light, so having your windows open at night while it's dark outside will almost always result in at least one if not several moths venturing inside.

Food Moths

Food moths, such as Indianmeal moths, come into your home via seed or some other type of food. Indianmeal moths, for example, are tiny gray moths that hide in grain foods such as cereals, rice, breads and even dry dog food or wild bird seed. If you find tiny moths, usually no more than a quarter-inch long, flying around your kitchen or pantry, you brought moths into your home via an infested grain product. Check grain products for little white larvae or silk webbing.

Clothes Moths

Clothes moths, as their name suggests, make their homes in fabrics, particularly woolen fabrics. These moths are brought into the home if you have purchased wool products that have eggs or larvae in them. Check your closet for holes in your garments, which are a sure sign of a clothes moth infestation. The larvae of clothes moths eat away at fabric for sustenance until they undergo metamorphosis and become winged moths.


Always keep the bug screens tightly closed on your windows and doors if you insist on having them open, especially at night when moths will inadvertently drift indoors. Check all grain products thoroughly before you bring them inside to make sure there are no food moths or food moth larvae sifting around. Place mothballs that contain chemicals designed to repel moths in your closet to keep clothes moths away, and be cautious when purchasing products made with wool fabric, especially used products like those found at garage sales.