How to Make Laminate Floors Super Shiny

Laminate flooring is a convenient option for those who like the look of hardwood floors but don't want the expense or trouble of dealing with hardwood floors. Laminate floors look like real wood but need to be cleaned carefully and properly to maintain their surface and shine. Take care of your laminate floors so they will stay beautiful for years to come.

Keep laminate floors shiny with proper care.

Step 1

Clean the floor's surface weekly, or even daily if needed. Debris left on the floor can scratch laminate flooring and cause permanent damage. Use a vacuum or broom to clean dust and dirt.

Step 2

Mop the floor with a slightly damp mop and warm water. Mix a cleaning solution using 1 cup of white vinegar diluted in 1 gallon of warm water in a plastic bucket. Wring the mop out thoroughly while mopping and don't saturate the floor. The vinegar will create a shine on the laminate and deodorize it as well.

Step 3

Hand-dry the floor with a dry, soft towel. Any water left standing on laminate flooring can be damaging to the floor's surface and cause damage. Dry the floor thoroughly, using more than one towel if necessary. The dry floor should be clean and shiny.

Step 4

Avoid any harsh products on your flooring to keep its beauty intact. Abrasive cleaners and sponges or anything containing citrus oils or any type of polish made for wood floors are not adequate for cleaning laminated floors. Simple cleaning is the best way to ensure the floors stay shiny and in good condition.