How to Get a Sour Smell Out of Towels With Ammonia

Ammonia is a powerful laundry aid that fights odors and buildup on clothes. When towels start to get musty and refuse to lose their odor even after they are washed, ammonia will cut through and remove the odor-causing buildup. Ammonia is effective at fighting body oil buildup, perspiration odors and soap residue. Use it on old towels that need to be revitalized.

Freshen old towels with ammonia.

Step 1

Load towels into the washing machine and set it on the hottest wash cycle.

Step 2

Add your usual amount of laundry soap to the machine and pour 2 cups of sudsy ammonia into the washer once the machine has filled with water. Allow the machine to complete its wash cycle.

Step 3

Turn the machine back on once it has finished and put it through another rinse cycle.

Step 4

Dry the towels on medium heat.