How to Keep Spiders From Living on Patio Furniture

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Black widows spin messy webs called cobwebs.

Spiders can be tough to love. They're creepy, furtive and some of them are highly toxic. But they are beneficial insects and help control many common garden pests. It is possible to keep them out of your living space, patio furniture included, with sanitation and diligence alone. Usually, once some preventative measures are in place, spiders will find new places to hunt. According to the University of California, chemical control of spiders is not usually permanent and not as effective as practicing good sanitation.

Step 1

Reduce hiding spots by keeping your patio and patio furniture free of debris. Clean up clothes, towels, gardening tools, children's toys and anything else that might provide a place for spiders to hide.

Step 2

Trim or remove vegetation around your patio. Large shrubs, flowering plants or even potted plants provide places for both spiders and their prey to hide. If spiders are a problem, remove vegetation or keep it trimmed so it doesn't lean on patio railings.

Step 3

Brush, vacuum or use a hose to regularly remove webs from the outside of your house, your patio and even the vegetation around your patio. It doesn't hurt to regularly dust or wipe down your furniture, too. The more often your clean up webs the less likely spiders are to continue returning.

Step 4

Switch patio lights to yellow bulbs. According to the University of Minnesota, yellow lights attract fewer insects. Fewer insects means fewer spiders.


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