How to Keep the Shower-Curtain Rod From Ruining the Wall

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Things You'll Need

  • Marker

  • No-slip grip shelf liner

  • Scissors

Shower-curtain rods can damage the wall over time.

While some shower curtains are connected to the frame of the shower, many curtains are mounted using twist rods that can be adjusted to fit any shower size. While these shower-curtain rods are easy to use, they can sometimes rub away the paint and leave permanent marks on the wall. By making simple wall protectors to create a barrier between the rod and the wall, you can use the shower-curtain rod without worrying about the damage it could cause to the wall's surface.

Step 1

Place a sheet of no-slip grip shelf liner on a flat surface and place one end of the shower-curtain rod over it. Trace the shape of the rod using a marker.

Step 2

Double the shelf liner over and cut out the shape, using a pair of scissors.

Step 3

Place one of the shelf-liner cutouts in between the wall and the shower-curtain rod. Hold the rod in place while you tighten it to fit the wall.

Step 4

Slip the second shelf liner cutout in between the opposite rod end, just before it presses into the wall.

Amy Lukavics

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